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Use Guaranteed IQ risk-free for the next 30 days. If during that time you aren't delighted with it for any reason (or even no reason at all), then write to us to cancel your order, return the product, and I'll send you a full refund of your investment.

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And the Guaranteed IQ package still doesn't stop there.

Order your copy today, and you'll also receive a downloadable companion toolkit. This 30-page PDF guide serves as a handy side-kick to the main audio program - so you'll never be left without a handy reminder of the powerful techniques covered on the audio course.

Plus, you'll also receive a special lateral thinking puzzle book from best-selling author, Nick Daws. Test out your IQ improvements by seeing if you can solve the riddle!

Let's look at these bonuses in more detail now...

Bonus Gift #1: Guaranteed IQ
Downloadable Companion Toolkit

When you order the Guaranteed IQ course today, you'll also receive an additional Downloadable Companion Toolkit.

As well as reminders of all of the techniques covered in the two main audio lessons (the core of your Guaranteed IQ course) it includes checklists, exercises, quizzes and additional resources for broadening your knowledge and polishing your skills.

This toolkit is designed to be read in close conjunction with the rest of
your Guaranteed IQ
course, and is intended to serve as a memory-aid for
all the major techniques.

A valuable program in its own right, the Downloadable Companion Toolkit includes:

    • How to check your IQ - Chances are you don't know your exact IQ at present, very few people do. In that case, use the free tests available to you at the websites mentioned HERE to find out what your current score is on page 4
    • How to sleep longer, better and deeper than ever before - find out our 12 simple tips for doing just that on page 5
    • How to eat better and get rid of your bad food habits for good - Seven tips for feeding your intelligence and kicking junk food cravings on page 6
    • FIVE tips to help ensure your brain is getting all the oxygen it needs - Vital for boosting your IQ and all-round well-being on pages 6-7
    • Ten practical techniques you can use to help you visualize your desired goals - and turn them into your wonderful reality on pages 8-9
    • A great strategy for getting a fresh, informed perspective on a difficult problem or decision. - Find out what it is (and how it can work for you) on page 10
    • A simple but powerful method for tapping into the power of our unconscious mind. See what it is on page 12
    • How create vivid visual diagrams representing any topic you want to understand or explore. (This can help you in all areas of your life, even ones you didn't even know existed...). Find out more on page 14
    • Seven simple steps for coping with the Number One 'Plague' of modern life - INCLUDES: what to prioritize, what to reduce, what to avoid, and the other actions to take to guarantee maximum productivity and peace of mind, with minimum stress on page 17
    • How to set effective, achievable GOALS - For: your career, personal life and intimate relationships, hobbies and leisure activities, boosting your income and life skills, academic achievement, and a happy and healthy life on pages 18-19
    • A specially-designed LATERAL THINKING QUIZ to give your brain a wonderful workout - Some of the questions are quite easy but others are real brain-benders! Great fun, and a powerful learning experience too... INCLUDES: a list of answers to the questions asked, their explanations, and analysis of your overall score on pages 20-23
    • A comprehensive FURTHER READING and RESOURCES GUIDE - INCLUDES: full listings of BOOKS, WEBSITES and COURSES you may like to explore to broaden your knowledge and boost your intelligence still further on Pages 24-26
    • And much, much more!
Bonus Gift #2: IQ-Boosting Story 'Murder on the Menu' (by best-selling author Nick Daws)

Conventional wisdom (perhaps developed because of the school system and the media) says that learning is somehow 'boring', and boosting your IQ and intelligence is somehow 'hard'.

The good news is, nothing could be further from the truth. Especially when it comes to your IQ benefiting from this lateral thinking short story -- titled Murder on the Menu, written by leading author Nick Daws.

The central character in this 'Whodunnit Thriller with an IQ twist' is police investigator Jake Strogani. During this puzzle, you put yourself in Jake's shoes as he conducts his investigation, and see if -- by applying your lateral thinking skills -- you can crack the case.

Not only is it great fun to pit your wits against a 'criminal mastermind', it's also a fantastic complementary learning tool which fits perfectly with the rest of your Guaranteed IQ course.

In short, it's an ideal exercise in logical thinking, a great 'IQ Workout' and an easy way to build on the Intelligence-boosting progress you've already made in the main program.

And it's yours FREE with our compliments when you reserve your Guaranteed IQ course today...


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